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Bully Fight


vrooom copyjpeg copyArtwork: Ken Riddles (Photoshop)

Poem 2016

(a teenage memory)

So here I am – (was)
Standing still in a pause

In assembly of teenage schoolers
Incessant, chewing-gum droolers

As called for – lined up we are
Bustling, bouncing, on a par

Then suddenly the biggest bully
Shoulder charges fully

My weak frame in a spin
I attempt a grin

‘Don’t push me’ he suggests
When I’mthe chicken chest

‘I’ll knock your head off…’
his intelligent offer
His big bully friend also the scoffer

‘Outside at a quarter to four…’
(I thought – Pictures of me on the floor)

‘Ok any day…’ I hear myself say
He is twice my size, time to pray

No intention of meeting him again
My agenda is – avoidance of pain

Ah! Alas! Lunchtime what took place?
Bumped into him face to face

Straightaway I put on a front
Whilst he:
‘Now’s the time you skinny runt…’

Vroom! Grunch! Pow! Crash!
Tried to kick back – I was up for a bash

My shoe flies off – hopping on one
He finishes the job, he’s having fun

Swollen lip – I tried to disguise
The teacher doesn’t notice – to my surprise

‘Why are you late for class’ he asks
‘Sir I was breaking up a fight, quite a task”

You see as a Prefect we were there
to keep order
No one informed me there was no border

The badge on my lapel
Up to now, had served me well

Even though I hid it from view
On the back of my lapel – (it’s true)

But bullies don’t recognise skinny guys
Who carry Prefect badges in disguise

He should have known I was one of those.
He didn’t – that’s how it goes

From that time on did the badge have
an effect?
Having been moved to the front from the back?

NB: Later in life I saw the guy
no recognition given by he or I.