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Loving response


Folding her dress in lady-like fashion over her knee
She raised her hand to touch her lips to make sure no remaining trace of crumbs could be seen.
She lifted the tea cup and projected her little
finger in courtly gesture.
Sipping the tea more silently than silent
She glanced across the room – side eyed.
Unnoticed she noticed the tall gentleman standing with one hand in his suit coat pocket and his other arm leaning weightlessly against the hotel reception desk.
Did she know him, had she known him in the past?
The curiosity was getting too strong to be ignored.
She must find out what this sense of familiarity meant.
Was it her imagination taking over? Was the compass of her imagination wrongly directing her into the foggy memory realm of her past, so that she was all at sea?
Decorum must be sacrificed. So she stood to her feet and crossing the hotel foyer she walked straight up to the stranger.
“Sorry but have we met?” she stammered.
The gentleman looked lovingly into her eyes, and softly said: “Dorothy, Dorothy, it’s all right, it’s all right – you’re my wife, our room is ready.”