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Everywhere we look
Images present themselves
Like the discovery of clothes
The digital revolution has taken hold

Our new parchment caressed by cursor
Clicks us here en route to there
Images like accordions unwind
Millions become the new tens or twenties

Glut – image overload –
No choice given – just choice to turn away
Barbed-wire of all kinds getting in the road
Something new everyday to unfold

We make our way to what we want to see
To find it wasn’t what we thought it to be
Like the sea and it’s wave-roll
Against us it comes – beating us to succumb

More opinions than can be numbered
Communication wires-crossed
Spaghetti junction overload – of phrases
Headlines and cameras capture all of life

Nothing is left to the imagination
As the imagination has spewed all things seen
Images – like a gigantean archive to be sorted
We pick and choose and no longer are surprised

We can only find meaning and value
With discrimination’s guide
Taking one image at a time to behold
While still hanging some on our walls

Is it possible to come to the end of images?
Are schools of thought ever – redundant?
Do they reach an end to the road?
– Image overload

Acquired taste – might peruse the menu now
And find our seal of approval
As we separate the jigsaw pieces
To form – what means something – to view

Discriminate –
and find something worthwhile
As we take our eyes off the banal
And fix them on what is whole
Staying in control of this post-modern scroll.


Advanced Regression


Dancing – advancing leaps and bounds
“Comparatively speaking”
I hear no one say

Mankind has embryo’d – and stem celled –
and conjured with his DNA –
and experimented and concluded –
and thinks to have found a way

For with his knowledge increase
He hopes to take away all defeat
And per-fect himself –
when new ways are found

Stoned on his success
He ignores the dismay

Of a world gone further wrong
In a multitude of ways

He thinks –
To Increasingly solve corruption’s claim
But makes the same
over and over again

What’s been done –
compared with what has not?

What’s been achieved
pales before the mess
civilisation has got

There’s need for the realisation
That man won’t reach self-perfection
But those puffed up with knowledge
Will rise in reaction
With a self-styled salvation

Rejecting they think
‘pie in the sky’
for ‘meat on the plate’

But God’s handiwork is found
profound – all around

The maker’s hand that made it all
plain to be seen without a doubt

No written guarantee –
for an extra charge
will assuage corruption

”Mountains fall on us in our fears”

The day has come for a
A wake up call perhaps too late

As the supersonic – stem-celled world
totters on its wobbly legs of achievement
and the world is folded up like a garment.

Don’t take away from the good it can bring?
Indeed no – but there is always too far to go.

Stop and think it over:
Mental blindness –
Ostrich head in the sand
Achievements seduction

millions annihilated –

while we speak
and still
don’t understand.

The Salesman


Subterfuge –
smooth talking guy
Gets under your skin
Doesn’t look you in the eye

Hand on your shoulder
sends a shiver down
Smell the undercover malice
See the off-camera frown

On into his stride spoiling you
with great swelling words
That don’t ring true

On and on he goes
Concluding for you

He asserts:
“sign the dotted line
for what you chose”

“Chose? Chose?
I didn’t choose a thing!”
“Oh but you’d sign all right
if it was free!’’ is his retort

Now the real person is manifest
His countenance has well and truly fallen

You say: ‘out the door please,
thanks for callin…’

A ‘what you need’ Christmas (?)


Something to think about that’s what you need
No, something to do – that’s what you need
No, some cause to serve that’s what you need
No, a holiday to take your mind off things
No, what you need is a long black leather coat
No, a period of quiet reflection on where you have been

That won’t do…

What you need is a lolly pop
A stroll in the park
A sleep after dark
A brand new five pound note
A brand new ten dollar bill
A chunky choker-neck pullover
A balanced diet
A haircut
A moustache trim

No, that won’t do – you need something else?
No, not something else…a change of scenery
No, a period of gymnastic exercises
No, a calm countenance when your boss shows
No, a new photograph album
No, a new painting to hang on the wall…

What do you need?
Need? What about greed?

Doing for others and maybe –
‘God’s speed’

Yes a drink of water
Yes a bit of butter
Yes cornflakes and milk
Yes friends
Yes a new camera lens
Yes a visit to Baltimore
Yes a touch of class
Yes the seven wonders of the world
Yes …ending poems
Yes bending for a stretch and a yawn
Yes what do you Need?

Yes – No?
Have a think – that’s what you need
Have a think what you need
Have another try at knowing
What you need

My! – we are all a strange breed!
Not knowing what we need.

Vanity of the futile night


Your little bit of glory in the futile night
Transgressors bubbling over
  into the outer darkness
Are allowed to keep their little bit of glory
  in their futile night…

“Vanity of vanities”, said the preacher
Beware of the glory of the futile night

Will any be of the day –
  by inheritance of the light?
That lights every man in the world
  of the futile night.

Reach out for the light
  before Grace passes by.

They cleave to the vanity of the futile night
  unattracted by anything other…

…Other than –

the vanity of the futile night

Glimpse, also, struggling humanity
grasping for deliverance, grasping
‘under the influence’ of the futile night

in response they say…

“Can I even give this a moment’s thought?
These strange words – and turns of phrase
What is that to me? – see to it yourself
You and your ‘vanity of the futile night’…”

“What baloney”:
(content of inferior or dubious quality)
the estranged minds will conclude.

‘Few are they that find’
Preferring the vanity of the futile night

And if we hand out hope
It is poison to the lovers of night

No light they see…
Only the light of darkness
Darkness of the futile night.

Luke 11:35
Be careful, therefore, that the light that is in you is not darkness.