Having a desire to present my paintings on screen, exactly as they are, I feel it necessary to confess to imperfect photography on my part. This will result in the paintings (i.e. photos thereof) having to be tweaked by means of my computer.

Sometimes enhancing, at other times perhaps not showing them at their best. Either way this should be borne in mind, whilst realising, it is not intentionally meant to deceive in any way.

Perhaps they should be enjoyed as you see them, having a separate life – as it were – from the originals. At the end of the day I don’t think the difference is great, despite my amateur camera work. (Which I hope to improve) 😎

I guess this mostly makes a difference for those who go the extra mile in interest and actually want to obtain one. In which case I wouldn’t want them to be disappointed with the original. 😊

Some of the work is no longer in my possession and some are still in the ‘collection’ of the artist.

All paintings etc. and illustrations seen on this blog are mine, with the exception of one or two.
(Copyright along with all blogging herein – Ken Riddles)


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