It is important to me, when writing on any kind of blog subject, to refrain from false pretences.
I’m not out to impress.
So it is an even worse scenario if I should feign knowledge beyond my limited education in certain subjects.

When it comes to art I am pretty ‘credential-less’.
I have not been to university. I do not have letters after my name. I am not an art historian, and in fact my knowledge of history is poor.

So speaking authoritatively, based on my art education is not going to happen. My daughter is the academic in the family and has a doctorate in modern languages. But her father is an ‘uneducated intellect’.

So I like folks to know this, and like them to realise that I do not have an education of the kind that lends itself to a wider intellectual reference library in my brain.

However I have always ‘gleaned’ from what interests me.
Rather like someone rummaging around in a charity shop, picking and choosing from what is on offer.

Following my nose – so to speak – regarding artists, and various ‘isms’, I have followed through on my note taking, but must confess, I do not have a photographic memory.

None of this should be misunderstood as self-deprecation, or be understood as being filled with regret, I am comfortable in my own skin.

Regarding roads down which one could have trod in education I can only echo Edith Piaf’s lyric: ‘No regrets…’

My only claim therefore is that I am a thinking practicing artist, formally untrained, but one who embraces certain pre-occupations, in my search to produce more art.

So what I write must be ‘judged’ on content alone. It’s not for me to list the questions you might wish to ask, in order to authenticate me, or anything I might put forward as worthwhile saying, on the subject of art.

So that’s that out of the way – leaving you free to be unimpressed, and yet I hope embracing what is said as having relevance.

I espouse the idea that art/creativity is internally present in all human beings, and is unique to each one of us.
It is the expression of the same that determines the individuality of the ‘art work’, as in painting, music, poetry, drama, etc etc.

May we all have time for each other, as we enjoy the life God has given to each one of us. Let us share and share alike!

Have a good day.