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Sinner me – sinner you


(I write of me – I write of you)

Write a poem as you search your depths

Find in your heart some reference of facts

You’re a sinner saved by grace (?)

There’s no contradiction upon your face

You don’t feel superior to those around

Because again your face touches the ground

You can’t look up to heaven

But beat your breast

You who are just as bad as the rest

Inasmuch as there is none good

What to do with this fact as you should?

Give over to Jesus –

the doubts – the faults – the fears

The falling short of His glory – 

Remember all have the same story

Contaminated with the mystery of iniquity

The disease of sin and it’s ubiquity

It will not keep you from His Grace

Ask Him to fill your inner space

Your spirit prepared to meet your God

As you acknowledge the gospel’s no fraud

This is just a poem to be bypassed

If you are too busy to make it last

But you may turn in prayer to The Son

Acknowledge sin and grace and that

He’s the only One

Who can bring you into eternity

‘Without one plea

But that your blood was shed for me

Just as I am I come…’