The Real McCoy


Most I guess – have heard the expression:


“The real McCoy” is an idiom and metaphor used in much of the English-speaking world to mean “the real thing” or “the genuine article”, e.g., “he’s the real McCoy”.
(see Wikipedia for comprehensive treatment)

If you are like me, you look for the Real McCoy.
In friendship – the Real McCoy.

In other human beings you may think you have found the Real McCoy, only to be disappointed by some action they take in letting you down, in one way or another.

But of course who have we let down – is the next question?

If I tell you I will pray for you – 99% of the time I will do it, because I like to think I’m the Real McCoy. But what if I forget? Isn’t 99% good enough? Am I consequently, no longer the Real McCoy?

If I don’t agree with you, is this us – up for a fight? And so because I don’t agree with you, you perceive we are at loggerheads, and I am no longer in your eyes: The Real McCoy?

If I quote the Bible to you, because I prefer to hear God give answers than me. Because I consider my wisdom insufficient and want you to get the best counsel – am I no longer the Real McCoy, and am I not worth knowing?

Someone once said: “All you Christians are brainwashed” and the answer is: “Yes, but we had dirty old brains anyway.’

The word of God purifies our minds. There is something seriously wrong when a Christian tires of the word of God!

Luke 4/4.
New King James Version
But Jesus answered him, saying, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

All Christians are ‘Works in progress’ – still making mistakes – but does this mean we are not the Real McCoy?

I remember being misunderstood big time, and accused in the wrong – but does this mean those who did so – are not the Real McCoy?

Someone also said “I am at peace with my enemies. Now, they may not be at peace with me…”

They did all they could to remain friends, but they were not having it. They preferred to right them off as not being The Real McCoy.

If someone has received revelation of faith in Christ and they genuinely believe that you too, need to hear the message they have received, and you do not wish to know – are they not the Real McCoy by wanting to share it?

If they are obnoxious to you – why?
Is it because they have an obnoxious manner in the way they share, or is it because they are challenging you and making you uncomfortable, and you are grasping for straws, reasons, to be dismissive of them?

How about accusing them of insincerity and not being the Real McCoy?

Does that help you deal with the challenge of the truth they are sharing, which is too demanding, in that it is an exhortation for you to change your life?

So suddenly they are insincere and not the, (yep you’ve guessed it) – The Real McCoy.

Were the Pharisees The Real McCoy? A lot of them weren’t. But we must discern a group of people by discerning them on an individual basis.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing – who are not the…

There are charlatans who preach some kind of gospel but they are not the….

There are those who think ‘gain is godliness’ but they are not the real…

Are there any genuine men or women of God, who are true shepherds? Who care by willing your highest good?

They are not caring because they always feel ‘caring’ but they are caring because they recognise the need to choose to help. Doesn’t mean they always can. But does this mean that they are not the Real McCoy – when they can’t?

Sometimes people want firstly and foremostly to get into arguments when someone tries to suggest a message they consider is beneficial to them.

They do not tolerate it, because it challenges their lifestyle.

Those offering the message are dismissed as not being the real thing, so their contribution can be dismissed, by those not wanting to listen.

Being real with ourselves is a good starting point. Then real with Jesus as a consequence. Real enough and honest enough to admit our need.

The Bible talks about deceitful workers –
II Corinthians 11/13
For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.

The false, the untrue, the insincere, the charlatans, those who have a ‘form’ of godliness. Hypocritical faith rather than unhypocritical faith.

The problem with those who are not the ‘Real McCoy’ is that having come across genuine seekers of truth – they (the false) scare them away because those seeking truth can see through the facade, causing them to want to leave – pronto.

Being the Real McCoy must include a willingness to listen. Even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

The good ground that received the seed in the parable of the sower demonstrates the pre-requisite to a Revelation of truth. (see Luke 8/15) A Sincere (honest) heart.

Anyone with a sincere open minded response can usually sort out the real from the false in message and messenger.

So I wish you bon voyage in your journey through the rough seas of uncertainty and hope you will reach a safe haven, in the arms of the Saviour, the most SINCERE PERSON  to ever walk the face of the earth, – Jesus (The Real McCoy).