What spirit are you of ?

It is quite an enlightening exercise, if we simply follow the events that consecutively took place on an average day with Jesus.
By listing them as the Gospel writers wrote them in response to the dictates of the Holy Spirit, we learn of how full, life was, for those who walked with the Son of God on a daily basis.
Here is such a list –
Luke chapter 9 – v6 The disciples ministering with authority in The power of the Holy Spirit.
V10 – they came back afterwards and went aside with Jesus.
V11 – the crowds arrive.
V16 – Jesus performs the miracle of food multiplication.
V18 – Afterwards He takes time alone to pray.
V18 – His disciples ‘interrupt’(?) – so He talks to them, asking a question.
V20 – Peter speaks from spiritual revelation – and answers: ‘You are the Christ of God.’
V22 – Jesus prophesies His own death.
V28 – Eight days later Jesus and three disciples are on the mountain top.
V37 – We read – it is the day after this supernatural experience.
V40 – On that day the disciples couldn’t cast out a demon.
V41 – Jesus upbraids them for their unbelief.
V43 – He again foretells His suffering, death and resurrection.
V46 – The disciples debate/argue about who should be the greatest amongst them.
V49 – The disciples manifest ‘exclusivity’ in forbidding another ministry.
V55 – When encountering rejection by the Samaritans – He rebuked His disciples when they suggested calling fire down to destroy these rejecting Samaritans.
55 But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of; 56 for the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.”
There is much to be said in response to this sequence of events as found in this passage of scripture.
But let’s zero in on one statement. It should be noted, that not all translations of the Bible include part of this verse. (Luke 9:55)
In the context of the inerrancy of scripture, whilst the scholars discuss such inclusions or exclusions – suffice (for me) to say that the truth expressed by it’s inclusion – is established in the rest of the counsel of God.
Jesus said: “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of;”
When it comes to the word ‘spirit’, I purposely want to bypass a study of definitions, incorporating nuances that don’t serve the points I would like to make. This is not burying my head in the sand, it’s in the interests of avoiding labour intensive reading!
So let’s keep it simple – there are Angelic spirits, demonic spirits, human spirits, and lastly God The Holy Spirit Himself.
When it came to the disciples in this situation, we see clearly that they were ignorant, about a a certain fact. When it came to whatever spirit Jesus was referring to – they were blind to its presence. They knew not. They were unaware, not conscious, spiritually blind and so on, however you wish to describe it.
They did not know.
Is it possible then for us – ‘not to know?’
Let’s stop right there. Do you suppose – perhaps even after reading four A4 pages, incorporating much that has been written in Wikipedia, and dictionaries, and theses, and Bible commentaries, it is still possible to fit this category, and to fail to know what spirit we are of?
Even if we educate ourselves satisfactorily, and feel satisfied that we have researched the subject, and dotted the ‘i’s’ and crossed the ‘t’s’ of definition – is it possible to still not know?
Again – the point can be made by asking myself, and by asking you – ‘Do you know what spirit you are of…?’
Does your mind go into morbid introspection regarding such a question? Or does it quickly move on while dismissing the question as irrelevant? Or are we sensitive beings who want to please God?
Test yourself. Which response is yours?
The point the Saviour was making was by way of correction.
These disciples who had moved in the power of the Holy Spirit, who answered questions by revelation, who wanted to be first amongst men, who saw supernatural events on mountain tops, who couldn’t cast out a certain demon, who were in unbelief, who distributed food that was supernaturally multiplying, who forbade others to minister, DIDN’T KNOW WHAT KIND OF SPIRIT THEY WERE OF at that specific moment!
So much revelation. So much they did know. But because of the fog of human nature, creeping in – much of what they experienced of the positive and the good, became illusive – needing to be restored.
They ‘did not know…’
They had known. They had knowledge and experience, but somehow let it slip.
So that on this occasion when the Master corrected them, they were wrong – and ‘forgot’ – the Spirit of God who had used them, and instead another spirit motivated them to want to destroy men’s lives. Justified it seemed, by the situation where their religious leader was rejected.
Are there religions in this world whose ‘deities’ rubber stamp execution of all who disagree or reject that deity?
And how does Jesus’ response on this occasion, dove-tail and correlate with His promise that all will be judged on the day of judgement?
The answer? No contradiction here exists, because – we know what Spirit He is of…