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Nice Personality

nice personality
Nice Personality (Mixed media)


(a script for Mickey Mouse) – to be read with a squeaky voice.

Can I get everybody’s attention at once?
That is – everybody in the world?
Hello. Are you listening?
Everybody isn’t listening!

Hello can I get everybody – who’s listening
to pay attention?
Is everybody who is listening able
to give me their attention?

Is anybody out there really listening?
Are there many listening?

Have I got your attention now?
Is the majority listening?

Am I reaching only a few?
Hello – anybody home?

You are listening…!?!?! –




Oh I’ve forgotten now what I was going to say…!


Shopping to buy?


The shopping centre –
Shopping Mall –
Call it what you will…

In the mall part
legs galore

Avoiding crashes as busy-bodies
busily body-propel
their bodies out of the way

Table dwellers in a daze
Picking at their meal
Bought from the umpteenth
Brand – hatches that serve
Curry pies, hamburgers,
chicken chicken
and more chicken
Pick at it
Poke it in the side
Savour it
Why look bored?
‘You no like?’

They stare
as you body-swerve their table
And their eyes light on your beard
They don’t see you –
just your beard

On your way –
you bypass this shop and that shop
making you dizzy with invites

“Now what was it I came here for?”

You realise in the midst of
your studious body-swerving game
That you are not there to engage
in this wall of death

But you are meant to buy something…
“Now what was it..?”

You have gained momentum
Propelled by the body-swerve game
And have to quickly recognise
the approaching collision
with the Calendar stall

You collide with its offered stand
and like a spinning coin coming to rest
You manage to collywobble
to a standstill

Now rather than offer an apology
or explanation

– you just buy a calendar









Side locks twisted
by a masterful hand
Twisted ’til I cried out!

Always his remark:
“You twit son”
A twit and twisted
Seemed to rhyme

But that was no compensation
for the pain
My unpremeditated poem
Went – as soon as it came

Afterwards the math
was done correctly
No more ‘twits’ –
no more twists of side locks

‘Ten-four’ was his nickname
A larg-ish gentleman
Rugby was his game

A teacher of unimpressive
He got through the day

Lumbering up the corridor
a wide waddle
An outward-walker
shirt undone
tail exposed

Unable to bind
the round middle
and hold it intact

We remember
They leave their mark
on mind and emotion

Teachers – few really
have ‘pets’

But I wonder
did he use his
twisting-twit move
amidst his rugby battles?



Writing a Song


A couple of times
He couldn’t make it rhyme
So he boogied the riff
And paused – to flick his quiff

He couldn’t make it work
So considered himself ‘a jerk’
‘Call yourself a musician?’
He mused – in recognition
Of his bad hair day
And his condition – of dismay

He thought: ‘I will try later’
Sliding from his chair like an alligator
No sooner away from the deck
and the thoughts came flooding back

Try it this way – try it that
‘C’mon man – is this all you’ve got?’
Suddenly it came to mind
As he set himself to unwind:
‘I will write the song as though
I can never have another go’

And rising to his own challenge
He at last found he could manage
A song – simple but true
It came out ‘riffy’ and blue

He smiled and marvelled at
The difference the heart’s new format
– Could make – when it came to lyrics of poetry or prose
Now – written without difficulty – I suppose?



The Black Bird


The black bird
hopped a little

The staccato
of his head
accommodated his
beady eyes

All clear?

Then, time for
another peck

Peck and lift –
Throw aside –
staccato look – again
Peck peck –
peck and lift

You get the picture

But no –
up up and away…

Today’s takings
taken to the nest.

regurgitated one
regurgitated two

– elsewhere occupied

“I know nothing about birds”
I reflect

“Nothing about birds…”

I don’t know
one species
from another

But they all
Peck and lift –
Throw aside –
staccato look – again
Peck peck –
peck and lift



The Village Idiot Badge

(Fun in the workplace)

“It was one of those days when the sun was really warm.”

He would be shown no mercy for this.
Immediately the shop floor routine – everyone at their stations – now began the ‘endless’ banter.

First the incredulous laughing – followed by the ‘Village Idiot’ badge immediately delivered to his desk. (He had to wear it)

From him – many ‘all right!’ ‘all right!’ exclamations – to no avail, he was in for a days ‘banter’ of merciless intensity. But at least it would remain innocuous:

“Pity about that cold sun the rest of the year.” “My oh my – he (the sun) must have been exercising to be so warm” “Went from warm to REALLY warm eh?” “One of those days – must be hard on the sun all those cold nights…” “That sun’s cooler today…”

And so it went on ‘til the shift was over.

The badge relinquished – back it went onto the shelf ’til the next day – when one guy flew in a ‘BUMBO Jet’.

Or one guy “Didn’t know he was going – until he reached the back door?”

Or yet another who spoke of the movie star ‘Victor Stallion’
(Sylvester Stallone of course).

The village idiot badge – is long since gone – no more takers, all those in the ‘club’ have moved on.