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A Song is Best Sung


A song lives through the generations

But a song is dead unless it is sung

It encapsulates a thought or two

Or even a full story can be sprung

When the song is launched from the voice of man

It creeps up gradually or jumps up and appears as grand

Some songs are perpetual in a classical way

Others – sung for a season before – they’ve had their day

Human songs won’t last forever

but can appear again as new

When the next generation embraces it too

So sing your song even when they say:

You are out of time baby, this is not your day’

Keep on singing your internal melody – anyway

‘Fashion is redundant’ let your heart strings say

There’s comfort in songs sung –

all dressed up in lyrics and notes

Let others join-in after clearing their throats

Songs are for singing while mankind remains

Until the new song is sung in heaven’s domain