An unsolicited opinion
Comes staccato’d out

Laid-back hearers are not
disturbed from slumber

While a leg is placed parallel
to another
upon the adjacent chair

Some kind of snorted hybrid
of groggy-headed sleep
and grunted acknowledgement
of what has been spoken
adds a full point to the utterance

But nothing else stirs
Deadly silence
The stated opinion fades
making no impact of any kind

Then suddenly another fills the air
It is a response
And is another opinion
antithetical to the one just offered

Again the deadly silence
No snort this time
All six in the room
just leave it there…
let’s leave it like that…
nothing more to say…

no corporate manifesto
to embrace
opinions come and
opinions go…




Spinning Bait


‘Neath the crystal shining water
Lodged amongst the weeds
Another competing shine
lay entwined

It was not profound
or naturally blessed with the poet’s
turn of phrase

Nor was it some phenomenon
of nature
encased within the naturalist’s
explanation –
with need of
the professor’s investigation

But shone it did –
approaching beauty –
near to
what only nature provides

Waiting for the line to snap
As the fisherman tried in vain
To free the three-pronged spinner

‘Horrible thing’ –
toothed and menacing
The pike’s most feared enemy

At interludes of rest
amidst his sweating effort to free it
– the fisherman sat and marvelled
at it’s shine

How innocuous and
is this piece of metal –
best kept there until the sun
seeks it out in it’s next smile

rendering it innocent when
knowledge of it’s use is missing

Enhancing it
to entertain with glee
the eyes of you or me.

However –

All that glitters does not have soft intent
But rips into flesh to get the predator out

Snap – cut – terminate – the line
And leave it where it is

Best to capture our eyes with beauty
Than to ravage fish for fun (?)

it’s all in the ‘s’

it’s all in the ’s’

saccharine sludge from separate sweets
slid unceremoniously sideways into the sink

simmering sausages slid eventually onto the plate
stubbing his toe – he nevertheless sat in something resembling a chair and glared suspiciously at the sausages he had set before him

sad to have no suitable side-kicks sat next to him, he subsequently sought the company of the cat…

setting it’s teeth into his sausage separating the
skin from the meat – sam the cat sat satisfied by his slightly sub-standard meal

the sausage supplier slid his hand suddenly through his shirt and checked his stomach

satisfied with his set meal he sandwiched the seven remaining sausages between salt bread saving it for sunday.

sleep suggested itself – so safely sitting suspended in his sleeping bag – he and the cat napped.




Swiftly – yea – hurriedly – yea – at top speed
Rushing on – headlong

‘Into the valley of death rode…’
the buzzing bee

Swiftly – yea – hurriedly – yea – at top speed
Rushing on – headlong

[The bee contaminated by web
Could not escape no matter how he tried
He buzzed and buzzed with intermittent rest
But could not escape from that sticky mess]

Entanglement – confusion no doubt

Buzz-ing –
his sting –

by spider avoidance

He eventually buzzed no more.
wrapped up like Amazon’s best
and left for later digest

The spindly legs – moved on
for another
catch of the day

Stop this poem!

I don’t like spiders anyway

Teeth Care


Squeeze the tube and lay it on
The toothpaste – smell it’s uniqueness
Across the brushy surface

Now housed in the teeth
It meets no opposition as the
piano-tooth keyboard is played
to mouth’s open-and-shut accompaniment

Now the taste dwells all-encompassing
Held precariously to regurgitate cleanliness
All encompassing gums and mouth-side
while it abides

Until that moment
when it waterfalls onto the basin’s whiteness
And the mouthwash-cavalry come
to finish what has begun

‘Good boy – good boy
Mum is pleased!’
Or so the memory goes
Taught well –
in – non-mechanical elbow grease

– the adult hasn’t gone electric yet.

Here They Sit


Here they sit on the griddle
Here they stand on the launchpad
Some dribbled out
Others asserting themselves
with immediacy

But there they are
No two the same – multiple layers
or Single-sentenced-stabs
At capturing a thought
Moment or emotion

Resident on the digital desktop
Before they journey on
And typed with the same fingers
that once used a pen

Classified not
Deliberated over to some degree
Changed and re-hashed – rarely

But here they are – ready to fly
Ready to intrude into your life
or reluctantly read

They will be around
‘til time ceases
Thoughts from a mind
In language form

You will take and inwardly digest
or quickly dismiss

It’s a funny ol’ world
When it comes to
tastes and preferences
for certain types of


It’s that time of the day


All over the country
All over the world
That time has come
That time of the day
Regular as clockwork

Others inspiring us
Covered-cups in hands
Resolute strides from work stations
Chair-pulling canteen-screeches

First time laughter of the day
Studious look of sip
Rustling of cookies or biscuits

All kinds
All flavours
It’s Coffee Time!

Weekend catch up
News spread around
Shared – pontification of opinion
On what happened to you

“You should have done this and
You should have done that”
No expense spared – free advice

But now – the drained bottom
has been reached
The cups are cast
Heaped up in communal bin

Reluctance is the shared ‘emotion’
Back to the drawing board
Back to the grindstone
Work recommences

The Coffee has passed
into the system
and out of mind

An ordinary occurrence


It was broad daylight
But not a car in sight
As the hitch-hiker
– An almost obsolete breed –
Hitched up his thumb

Pushing his hat peek
to a new position
his thumb then
reached for the road
There it stopped in mid-air
In a fashion you all know well

A car – the first for a while
Drew up alongside

The usual inquiries were made
And off went the driver
with his new companion
Free of charge
As petrol was consumed

Chit-chat exchanges
Until the hiker grew quiet
No longer able
to maintain politeness
Then snoring – ’til the journey’s end
Which happened to be at night
When the medium sized
town was reached

Dropping off
And stopping off for ten
The driver headed on his way
Despite it being night

“What stamina”
His hiker friend reflected
“Still able to drive”
Forty miles still to the border

This old hotel will have to do
“I must finish my sleep”

Once again lifting his thumb
In response to the given key
He made his way to the room
In the gloom – of a crunchy courtyard

Collapsing of course
Across the bed
In the style of umpteen movies

Out like a light
All through the night

Still dressed –
A day in the life of
ordinary occurrences

On The Way Home


On his way home from school
The skinny-timid boy espied
A damsel in distress
Bullied by an interloper

He had forgotten about
being beaten up
by the large guy – called Large

He had forgotten about the dog
that bit him sore

He had forgotten the gang who
grabbed his lapels and
punched him

He had forgotten being
pushed around at school

He forgot the interloper was
much larger than he
as he manhandled
the pretty Linda

Before he realised it
and as though in a dream
His skinny fist shot out
across the interloper’s chin

Flabbergasted at himself
He asked the lovely Linda
‘if she was ok?’

She ran away

And the interloper lay
crying on the ground
refusing to rise

But how could this be?
He sauntered on home
bemused in the
bewilderment his
skinny fist had created

This Generation


And this generation
sits and watches
or scurries down the road of living
or fights in vehement conflict
or steals kills and destroys
or survives hand to mouth
or delights itself in itself
or travels the world over
or finds a place to dwell
or clings to latest craze or fashion
or fills the day with work
or meditates on empty space
or busy’s itself in crafty pursuits
or bangs it’s head against a brick wall
or shoots up on junk
or collects junk to other’s consternation
or climbs up another way
or gets in by lorry container
or rasps at authority
or binds itself to empty vows
or chooses wrong from right
or watches the world pass by
or boils the kettle once again
or sips a Minnesota
or buys buys buys to materialise
or demands the right of way
or crams for exams
or marries once – yea twice
or doesn’t marry at all
or lies homeless on the street
or dances the night away
or cries foul – as foul it may be
or stands for the union
or undresses more and more
or keeps a vigil
or demonstrates it’s lose
or victimises the victimised
or sports a new outfit –
  from the outfitters rack
or develops a thrombosis
or gets it’s blood pressure down
or spends months recuperating
or thrives on excitement
or passively puts the hours in
or gets it’s head in a spin

the alternatives are great
it makes up life’s parcel
engage in this – engage in that
nothing new under the moon
only human activity
in short lived spurts
and behind it all
there still remains
that which will never pass away

As this generation passes away



Time is moving on
Time never changes
or stands still
standing still –
it still – marks time
to it’s own beat

It is always active
dwindling by
(time is running out)
or accompanied by
(man’s active speed)

‘Time is moving on’
is the only statement to make
Mixed with other such statements:
‘Time and tide…’ etc.

There is no time travel –
only travelling in time

Mankind travelling
forward through time

Time to stop? – sorry no-can-do
Time doesn’t know the word stop
There’s no stopping of time
While in time we dwell

Now the time-beat changes
And the man slows down
He reflects on his passing life

Once young – now old
Yesterday’s enthusiasm for
this material space and place
Fades to just a few…

A few possessions
That are given ‘thought time’

“Seen it all – done it most”
I’ve heard the lyric say
Enough to convey
Nothing new under the sun

In light of this –
Settling down into peace
Is what the Creator gives
If you find the
hidden mystery in His life

Beginning your journey
At the wood upon the hill
Where took place –
Time standing still